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Diablo 3 : Vomiting flow, Salamander final optimized flow
IndlægSkrevet: Tirs aug 06, 2013 6:51 am Besvar, med citat
Indmeldt: 22. apr 2013
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Diablo 3 : Vomiting flow, Salamander final optimized flow
Believe everyone also very concerned about the the vomiting flow and Salamander flow of play and build, hereinafter referred to vomit Saru;
Brother three days before the transition to vomit Saru HP 4.8W/5600def/400-+ mdf, the main deputy, the total discounted bleed damage 480-620 <a href="">diablo 3 gold</a>, stun setting body to freeze a total of 13.3%, hit back to the blood 980, regarded as quite satisfactory, the basic pressure onto The Azi front; (panel DPS please ignore it)
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Explained below under the build principle:
1, A2 \ A3 under BB viability of weak basic encounter JY 2,3 next thing, although starting with a remote skills under control, but the case of clusters or fast it is prone to attrition. Even when using a passive 4-dog role of 20% HP.
2, acid rain, we all like to 24feet range, but in fact before greatly Measurement and computation of only the most central region is a 14hit the the HIT number of non-original range will be greatly reduced (specifically, we have a feeling. Rely on edge part of the blame often unable to control). Watch the range of 24 d3 gold acid rain the skills explained: initial effect extended to 24 yards! ! That is, the next 3 seconds 2hit / s hit Damage has not been expanded, in the case of strange multiplayer messy, difficult to determine exactly to Daguai banner central region. Ever since, I used a chronic burning Rune expand the scope, extending the effective range to 6 diablo iii gold seconds, do not look at six seconds less, which means you in 1.5ias case, the central region of the wretch per second multi-stack double than before (or even more, no calculations, and data Daren) number of HIT! ! ! Thus a variety of bloodshed triggered by a variety of negative more! For lack of blue case, only the effect of acid rain will be able to reach 5,6 2,3 acid rain! ! !
How to Daguai:
2 BB trick, the strange case of first impulse, just a death grip distance from the heap blame feet put to death grip, and then place in the position of the mouse put the death grip mad Fire pools, monster once stepped into will immediately be deceleration + ultra-high number of HIT damage, and then open fear +100% armor, because the monster slowed down, and ran back, equivalent to stay longer within the scope of your death grip, flame pool has been superimposed HIT more, even if missed, because there are vicious poison 20% outlaw +20% +100% fear, coupled with nearly hit back to the blood and the effect of intermittent control, basically not an accident, do not forget this time your BB up early to help you share the hurt! ! !
The other passive 4cd not explanation.
Against JY heap blame on the first few flame pool and the 4CD acid rain, Leverage! ! ! ! !
Welcome optimization or data test, I am lazy has been played in the past, I feel pretty smooth, not how to pay attention to the data. . .
I took the Fa PSsolo Microraptor, deceleration the +3 weapons ice bow + stun 4.4%, other parts with + physical armor resistance, not force his attack. . .
1, in order to ensure that BB is not downsizing, their first impulse withstand the necessary the shield relatively safe, coupled with fear of +100% passive - injury, survival there is no problem. Survival A2 after the first condition, died BB fast hardware along with die from.
2, the the bloody formula in the previous probability and average to be translated, do not pit
3, malignant than control carcasses good question, a simple math problem:
Such as blood 3W, plus 20% 3.6W, strange beat 10000, 3 hanging
Blood or 3W, each under 20% damage reduction is hanging in 8000, 4
In the case of attack multiple targets, damage reduction gains more than the increase of blood
This includes your BB, you do not also anti-anti-BB, especially wore a bunch of strange super effective damage reduction
If there are the following question:
1 hurt enough? How much landlord DPS? If the damage is enough, it is estimated that the effect of bleeding out. My weapon + shield bloodshed total of only 800/hit feeling output a bit weak.
The 2 Spirit line, need to escape the time how to do?
Given the effect of the body, please? I feel as though the other two effects useful
Baby can sustain a few seconds?
(5) against the elite in particular, three triazolam, how to control? 3 dispersed, how to control?
This build team of 6. Effect how? Feel the rhythm of the death grip is not suitable for team.
I also Europe and have time to play together. Feeling European service the vomiting flow few people use, often see with the blowpipe.
1, enough damage, dps 8000-something, they rely on the bleed damage, generally JY not violent, strong life + fast + move along, old interrupted me control. . . Bleed damage recommended translated 1000 +, or translation probability, the maximum damage more than 2.8K output it wants to see the face, anyway, so many times to trigger the effect of damage will not be low. (My build to ensure that at least than the general vomiting flow or the Salamander flow by more than 100% of the number of HIT)
2, do not want to run away, because there are three: 1, vampire flow stop attacks blood line can not sustain; really need to escape to open fear; 3, BB to help you share hatred, coupled with not all the blame out of control, the control the moment to run it.
3 root effects not how to test, anyway, cheap equipment + physical + Armor + resistant + fixed body of general 10W can win
4, baby this build is not Arcane continuous threw three more, then nothing would happen, malignant -20%, in fact, blame not much output has been controlled to death
5, the Post said, or has been controlled to death, did not control live with fear span the strike back has been able to control so far.
6, the team is definitely the location of the MT output stable life, has been acid rain did not then blue flame like a pool.
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