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Diablo 3 : You do not notice the details
IndlægSkrevet: Ons aug 28, 2013 8:04 pm Besvar, med citat
Indmeldt: 22. apr 2013
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Diablo 3 : You do not notice the details
First, the collision volume
Unlike World of Warcraft, Diablo series of games in the collision volume. You can not tear down the other side from the front and then wear behind enemy attack. So when they found a large number of monsters, as it happens, your equipment was not any to crush their degree.
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then showed their back. This avoids 5-6 only blame confine you, hurt you at the same time. Of course, greater usefulness in dealing with JY strange group. Especially in the face of large volume, high physical attack JY. To find the length of the stairs, or a room door. Hold down the SHIFT stood non-stop frenzy on it. Because the relationship of the collision volume, these strange cards with each other, forming the singled with you.
5 layer BUFF superimposed
To 60 friends courage superimposed should all know this will not repeat them. The problem is, for example, you kill the butcher, the whole story maze been around the stack to Layer 3 d3 gold buff. What to do? The answer is simple, decisive return to the city, just find a map to kill the additional JY strange. That being the case, you will not superimposed BUFF underground palace around over and over. You can advance to the storage point of BOSS war. And then use the Scroll of Town Portal, and then the low-level map with the Chuan Songzhen to kill lower JY. The difficulty of the game is not only the increment between the sections and chapters, with the propulsion of the story missions, monsters physical attacks as well as the species will increase. To give a simple example, you in painful punishment dungeon probability met to take a hammer JY strange cargo Charge hurt ultra-high with knockback, if they are given three hammer round of real, live disabled. So were removed from the A1 Manzi friends. I recommend TF memory point portal back to the city, runescape gold and then use the Chuan Songzhen to the cemetery. Cemetery surface generally have a strange gold skull. Then each grave will have 1-2 JY strange group. The cemetery of the early game, the most formidable JY strange, but also kind of dying would explode fat. And more, those who stay do not spam zombies or skeletons. But remember, in other maps kill JY blame, remember around Chuansong Zhen back to the city. Then use the portal to return to pre-BOSS store. Because D3 Portal can only have one. You may overwrite the original Portal map send it.
NPC merchants also good goods
NPC merchants will sell armor, weapons and rings and necklaces. Before 60, rs gold a lot of things you totally did not need to go to the auction to buy the equipment can buy directly businessman. Of particular concern, the NPC merchants tend to have good goods in rings and necklaces. Do not look blue containers, but often pure force or hit back to the blood with groove. In short, as excessive NPC things do not say anything else, very affordable. Received some wild NPC tasks, these tasks done, NPC traders to sell your goods. These are generally half price. Repair and dumping, do not forget to look at his equipment, and sometimes rare equipment for sale oh
, Precious stones inserted in the different parts have different effects
You may say, I knew. But I still have to remind you kindly. Green gem on the helmet, will increase the amount of your gold pickup (everything is in order to kick the can) red gem on the helmet will enhance your Daguai experience (all kick the can 60)
Whirlwind speed bonus
Kick the can, I chose to sprint up to 5 blade and soul gold seconds, and Whirlwind. The result is 100% speed cyclone cut, inheritance, 40% movement speed, turn quickly, To my surprise, Whirlwind state can release sprint. This means that you can discard the Whirlwind 100% speed bonus, rely on the sprint sprint skills with complete acceleration. If the appropriate mix of skills, do not know the D2 style Whirlwind skill can glow in Diablo 3?
, The auction house to use
Probably a lot of friends to play the game early Ling Lang everywhere on the auction house goods very distressed. Want to search for a suitable for them, and cheap things then actually so effortlessly! Even worse is that often you turn 46, but confused!
This nonsense. Let me give you give an example, if you are looking for a suitable for their own weapons. First, you want to clear your weapons DPS what other properties. First, remember that marked 60 on the level selection. Manzi, will probably need to hit back to the blood. Then on the bottom property requirements, hit back to the blood. This then do not worry point search. There is a frame of mind after the attribute selection, it is specially fill in the number. A 60 figures, to be honest, 200, hit back to the blood can definitely ignoring. We fill 200 point search. At this time you need weapons will be listed. The arrangement is the default in accordance with the DPS under the order from large to. If it is armor, it is ranked in accordance with the Armor. Because you have narrowed the scope of the weapons you need. So a lot of you do not have weapons of concern will be filtered out. For example, I do not have much money. Thousands of attack weapons do not have to consider. Then proceed immediately to more than 800 wow gold attack that page. If the page no suitable Price weapons. Continue to kick the can.
In short, the weapons you need to narrow it down. Can fill a total of three attributes weapons, in fact, one can. Because of DPS, the those below 800DPS weapons I would not have to pay attention to. And armor, you can choose the type of individual. Such as helmets, rings, to narrow the range.
Otherwise, really hard to find.
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