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5 Tips for Great Weaves
IndlægSkrevet: Søn sep 01, 2013 4:25 pm Besvar, med citat
Indmeldt: 22. apr 2013
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5 Tips for Great Weaves
Yesterday, while enjoying my weekly hair appointment with lock architect extraordinaire, Samuelle Lacombe, we started chatting about weaves, and how it can be difficult for many women of color to maintain great looking hair.
With over five years of experience in the hair care industry, Sammy knows a ton about coiffing all sorts/grades of hair. I thought it’d be helpful if she offered a few tips to those who want to get care free, glamorous weaves: how to maintain it, buy good hair, and more.
1.Invest in Top Notch Service.
2. Get Good Hair, and make sure it matches your natural strands.
3. Just Say No to Glue.
4. Wash your hair.
5. Can’t afford a weave? Get a good wig or clip ins.
Sammy says, “If you’re looking for easy, quick, long hair, invest in a quality <a href="">wig</a> or clip ins. You can remove clip ins every night. A high grade wig will cost you $100-$200, but you have it much longer because it’s not on your head all day every day.”
And there you have it!
In conclusion, make sure your hair matches your personality and your lifestyle. Sammy says, “If you’re a singer or a model, long, <a href="">waist length hair</a> works for you. Only entertainers can pull off the pounds and pounds of hair on their head…let’s keep it real ladies! Let’s stay true to ourselves and keep it sleek, chic, and again, realistic!”
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