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Diablo 3 : Witch doctor dot stream can also brush off the hi
IndlægSkrevet: Søn sep 01, 2013 8:28 pm Besvar, med citat
Indmeldt: 22. apr 2013
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Geografisk sted: 3224 NW Riverbend Dr Chickasha Barnsley South Yorkshire United States 73054

Diablo 3 : Witch doctor dot stream can also brush off the hidden
Spent four days in purgatory A2 kill more than 200 diablo 3 gold Goblin Goblin family barren sigh, it is falling too low level of equipment, has been longing for rainbow off, but often afraid to try, one purgatory cattle battle high production costs (as opposed to the civilian population), own equipment, did not dare to try, finally tired of the day before yesterday the Goblin's brother brother, father and grandfather, looking at the body of a bite 250w decided to Qutan the probe Rainbow off. Ado, start the topic.
First, the preparatory work
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1, purgatory Cattle battle: the method of making a lot of, I will not say, the required funds 170 W (poor has not yet begun million did not)
2, equipment selection: I brush Goblin blood 2W3, all anti-550 d3 gold, Armor 3400, dps1w2 after several repairs Routong, go to the auction house closing point, The Rainbow Off with blood 3w7, the whole anti-400 Armor 4000, physical resistance to 600 dps1w8 (containing 20% of the veil addition).
To draw attention to the blood must 3w5 (worst can not be less than 3w) Armor 4000 minimum, to buy equipment, would rather give up the whole (expensive), anti-matter anti-Armor, add intelligence (physical or value of life touches so), is a skill we can buy equipment coupled with the power of screening intelligence attributes (Strength = 1 armor) As for the choice of weapons, 900dps + Intelligence + physical 100 diablo iii gold hands and arms, speed 1.00 (Who we are dot stream), I replace the above equipment and spent a total of 60W. . . . . . (Necklaces and rings too expensive, I bought the blue + mental and physical).
At this point, 250w left 20w. . . Buy 100 bottles of a mysterious potion. The rest reserved for repairs.
Digression, it is best to prepare a mf installed (will be mentioned below), is not very good, no buff100 mf, I wore a mf installed, dps 1w2. . . . . .
3, the mix of skills:
My mix of skills
Facilitate the lazy, and lay my hand:
Left button: 3 blow (a must, hereinafter mentioned)
Right: Dead Man's Grip (seamless acceleration and deceleration of the grip)
Skill 1: Spirit intraoperative (soul stroll seconds invincible +1)
Skill 2: Group chaos (delusional disorder +20% damage)
Skill 3: Summon Swarm the (burning Huang disaster)
Skills: Hex (become a pig injury)
Passive Skills: veil + the Chun +4 CD
Second, the journey begins
But not to stack 5 layers buff, the advanced rainbow off to look at the strange porters there metamorphosis of the strange blue and gold, so, exit again.
2, the output is sent to the northern highlands + watchtowers, 5-layer brush buff
Enter the rainbow OFF ON playing, clear, strange, the clouds Oh but do not hand the residual point out. Cleared her other mf installed on (this will be mentioned below)
4, return lottery identification (!)
Third, the various monsters combination play
1, the ordinary mobs (sparkling flower, bear, pony): hands a grip of the Dead (note that on the front of the monster, do not put the foot of the monster), standing in the middle of the circle, of the effect of the Dead Swarm, Swarm spray distance to the monster as well, and leave the circle of the dead, I saw a large number of monsters to die towards you, if all of the confusion which you can use to open the spiritual line, into the heap blame, confusion, and then leave. Flute out, time to pay attention to the grip of the Dead, immediately put two cd a good, good amount in advance, to end the fighting in the complement of a Swarm. Mobs basic familiarity with injury, even if hit will not die, can resist.
2, Blue Gold Pony: this is the main source of our equipment, card Pony look for another big post, I only know that a cat head pattern next to a tree on the large map, no matter what attributes The combination of card properly properly, Teleport, whirlpool beaten far the flute on the line, such as running out of blood-for-mf installed wiped out the last bit of blood, digging, picking up things.
3, blue and gold flowers and Bear: This category can not blame cards, encounter minions invincible, Teleport, whirlpool that can only be pulled dead suicide, and then do not touch it forever, for some less powerful combination If you have confidence, you can grind slowly die, dot stream is used to grinding.
Fourth, note
1, ready to work we must do a good job, syrup bring enough, do not expect the first time will be able to pass off, make a good first death to you hinge.
2, clear all the strange wear mf equipped open clouds (this time can also call a good base wearing a the mf mounted together on) Remember, otherwise it may have missed a legend and Gold.
3, the efficiency of wood the first time I smooth clearance to spend a half an hour, the second time for 1 hour, the third is basically 45 minutes at a time, practice makes perfect, we all know. Key the sooner the better to find a Kama.
4, the income problem, a 5 Gold, look at the face Oh. Numerous blue-loaded, do not underestimate these blue outfit. . . . dps broken thousands may, once one got into the eye is 20W +, the next day I brush three times, 200w this.
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